Schwarze Presse

Schwarze Presse

Am kommenden Dienstag beehrt und der selbsternannte Anti-Zauberer Dan Sperry im Felsenkeller zu Leipzig. Der Schwarzen Presse stand er im Vorfeld Rede und Antwort zu sich, seiner Einstellung zur Gothic-Kultur und seiner ganz speziellen Art Magie und Illusionen darzubieten.


Dear Dan,

welcome to Leipzig! We are very glad to finally have you here. We have prepared a couple of short questions and hope you can give our readers/followers a little insight in who you are and what the driving forces behind your unique style of magic look like.


SP: Your style and appearance reminds of artists like Marilyn Manson or good old Alice Cooper. That´s pretty appealing to members of the alternative or gothic scene gathering from all around the globe once a year here at Leipzig`s Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT).
Would you identify yourself as a part of this scene in style, musical taste or thought?
And, by any chance, have you ever attended the WGT before? If not, would you like to?

Dan Sperry: I have never attended this festival – but I have heard of it and would like to be able to come some time in the future!  With that being said yes I would have to say that I identify with this sort of more alternative and punk/goth culture. When I tour I always like to go try to find some cool goth night or punk bar to visit and check out while I’m in different regions.


SP: Illusionists often create and establish a very unique style throughout their performances. Some focus on impressively fast tricks, huge props or even animals. You combine elements of shock with dark humor and mix it up with a cup of fake blood.
How did you come up with this specific style? Was it just filling a gap in the business or is this pure you?

Dan Sperry: Haha – only one cup of fake blood?  I’ve been told the best chiefs don’t measure haha.  But the history of this is who I really am and influenced by other things I like besides magic such as old monster and horror movies – bands too like Misfits and Alice Cooper and going to a haunted house at a fun park kind of all mixed together in a way.  Magic is always surprising enough but I love to try adding that extra bump up with either what I say or how I interact with the people or perform the illusions.


SP: Many of your acts use sharp or otherwise dangerous items. Have you ever seriously hurt yourself (or even worse someone else) on or off stage while practicing or performing?

Dan Sperry: I have never hurt someone else on stage or anything like that but yes there have been times I’ve injured myself but since so much of what I do is also illusion the true real danger of injury is pretty low but there have been a few times I just maybe got too into the performance and wasn’t paying as close attention to this element of danger and actually cut my mouth open badly or my hand etc.


SP: You started your career as an illusionist pretty early and you have since then been rewarded with a couple of awards. Have there been some specific idols or mentors who helped you getting to where you are right now?

Dan Sperry: Yes there have been many of all ranges not only just like a direct “teacher” which I never really had but more like I had encouragement and people pushing me not to stop and giving me confidence to keep going with what I’m doing.  Everything from even messages fans leave me or send me in the mail to other magicians who will send me an email or randomly come to a show and afterwards give me some nice words I never expect…for me it is more those little moments that have biggest affect on me wanting to stay motivated and not discouraged in such a difficult business.

SP: You have been touring with an elite group of colleagues as “The Illusionists”. How big of a difference is it to have all these smart minds around you all day as compared to be touring alone. Is there a lot of exchange of ideas, sharing of inspiration or is it just a flock of mystery-mongers trying not to give away anything?

Dan Sperry: I enjoy the people I tour with when solo and the crew I work with are very talented and clever with magic in their own respects, for me it ends up being more creatively productive but regardless of the performing situation yes the secrets are important but I don’t want the audience to think this is a contest of me VS the audience as in you can’t catch me or figure out my tricks it is more about having a good time and enjoying the show all together.


SP: Thanks a lot for your time, Dan!


Wer? Dan Sperry
Wann? 09.04.19
Wo? Felsenkeller, Leipzig

Tickets:  oder Abendkasse

Einlass: 19:00 Uhr 
Beginn: 20:00 


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The STRANGE MAGIC Tour : Resurrection

Es waren seine Auftritte in diversen TV-Talent-Shows, die Dan Sperry einem breiten Publikum in Deutschland und Europa bekannt machten. Doch da hatte der einzigartige Illusionist bereits 10 Jahre in einer der faszinierendsten Branchen der Unterhaltungsindustrie hinter sich. Dekoriert mit zahlreichen Preisen in Hollywood und Las Vegas wählte der ewige Jungstar 2010/12 den Weg zu "America's Got Talent" und dem dt. Pendant "Das Supertalent" und präsentierte so seine einzigartige Art sich dem Thema der Bühnenamagie zu widmen einem Millionenpublikum. Es folgten Tour-Auftritte mit der weltweit größten und erfolgreichsten Zauberkunstshow "The Illusionists" und jetzt endlich auch als Solo-Künstler.

Seine morbide und bewusst schockierende Bühnenshow könnte nirgendwo ein passenderes Publikum finden als in der Welthauptstadt der Grufties und Heimatstätte des Wave-Gotik-Treffens und so freuen wir uns Dan Sperry am 09.04.19 endlich im Felsenkeller begrüßen zu dürfen, wo er seinen 2017 noch ausgefallenen Auftritt in Leipzig endlich nachholen wird. 

Statt Glitzer, niedlicher Hasen und seriöser Zylinderträger gibt es bei Sperry scharfe Klingen, stimmungsvolle Lichteffekte und einen ganz besonders schwarzen Humor. 
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Wir verlosen 2x2 Freikarten für diese Veranstaltung.
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Wie heißt Dan Sperrys allwöchentliche Show in Las Vegas?

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Wer? Dan Sperry
Wann? 09.04.19
Wo? Felsenkeller, Leipzig

Einlass: 19:00 Uhr
Beginn: 20:00

The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze Tour


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Was? MANTAR + Skelonwith, Evil Invaders, Deathrite

Wann? 30.11.2018, Einlass: 18 Uhr, Beginn: 19 Uhr

Wo? UT Connewitz, Leipzig

Tickets? 20€ zzgl VVK - Eventim

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Ein viertel Jahrhundert Erfahrung sichert Verlässlichkeit und Routine im zweiten Jahr in der Stadt aus Eisen. Ein würdiges Jubiläums-Line-Up bietet einem bunt gemischten Publikum ein breites Spektrum von voller Härte bis bester Laune. Auch wir waren als Gratulanten vor Ort und haben Euch unsere Eindrücke mitgebracht.

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